Don't be douped by other classes that are only 3 hours long, low class fees or other promises. Our slogan of being Utah's BEST concealed carry class is simple. We are unmatched by any other concealed carry class in the United States.

Top 5 Reasons Our Concealed Carry Class Is The BEST You Can Find

1. Our instructors are among the most highly experienced and knowledgable in the industry. We exceed the Utah requirements and our class is taught through lecture, PowerPoint presentation, and visual demonstrations to meet the needs of all students and to ensure our students will be able to understand and retain the importance of the information.

2. After the class, we give all our students FREE access to everything taught in our class so even after you leave and have your permit, you won't ever have to worry about trying to remember everything we talked about. No other class gives thier studetns this much information.

3. We know that laws are very difficult to understand so our instructors have extensive knowledge of the laws and we take the time to explain them. Our comprehensive explanation of the carrying of firearms, self defense and firearm laws combined with our network of websites have continued to be the BEST resourses for Utah. We encourage our students to get involved in discussions and always take extra time to answer questions and include information to be able to protect yourself from criminal and civil actions against you if you ever have to use any type of force to protect yourself or others.

4. We have created a network of the BEST websites for the state of Utah which includes providing all Utah and Federal firearm laws, shooting ranges, gun shows, and much more. Our Forums site where you can talk about guns, ammo, gear and more. Our Facebook group Utah Carry Laws is the ONLY place on any social media platform that answers all Utah gun law questions.

5. We receive calls from people across the United States daily with questions about the Utah permits and gun laws. The 5 Star Reviews our past students have given us about our training speak for themselves.


As a result, there is no other company or instructor in the entire country that provides anything close to the amount of important information about our state, then we do and in fact there are a lot of instructors across Utah and the country that get information to put on their websites and use to teach in their training classes from our network of websites.

Our class usually costs $50 which includes everything you need to apply for the Utah concealed firerm permit, but may change due to the location or number of students. The cost of taking the course is always outlined in each class scheduled on our training calendar.

Private and group classes are also available.

Our Class Includes EVERYTHING You Need
• Utah Permit Application
• Passport Picture
• Copy Of Drivers License/ID
• Live Scan Fingerprints
• FREE Hand Delivery Of Your Application To BCI
• FREE Arizona Non-Resident Permit Application Packet
(Allows you to carry a concealed firearm in New Mexico)

The class does not include application fees for individual state permits. Application fees are paid directly to the state at the time the application is submitted.
The Utah permit application, once stamped and signed by the instructor, is valid for ONE year from the date you take the class. Please allow adequate time for your application to be processed prior to your paperwork expiring.

Yes, our class includes the Passport Picture, Live Scan Fingerprints and much more.

Our class is about 4 1/2 to 5 hours, depending on questions.

Unlike most other concealed firearm permit instructors who are only interested in taking your money and telling you things in a short 3 or 4 hours, our curriculum not only meets but exceed the State of Utah’s minimum requirement and we thoroughly TEACH you everything you need to know to ensure all students are not only confident in the material covered including demonstrations and explanations of the fundamentals of handgun marksmanship, how to clear common handgun malfunctions and most importantly, have a firm understanding of the laws surrounding carrying firearms.

Yes, to find out more click here.

We recommend all students pay online to reserve a seat in the class.
If you cannot register or pay online please contact us to save your seat and ensure the instructor can accept payments at the class using cash or debit/credit cards.

Anyone can bring a guest FREE of charge, however only paying students will receive a signed and stamped application to obtain the permit.

All you need to bring is your driver's license or ID card.

Although it's not required, and there is no test, we encourage students to take notes so you may want to bring a pen and paper.

No, there is no test or requirement to qualify on a range to obtain a concealed firearm permit.

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