Are you having a get-together, barbecue, birthday party, work party, reunion or other group function? We can travel to you and give you Utah's BEST concealed carry class in your home, business or other location and have all of your family, friends and/or co-workers take the class at the same time.
The best part is, you set up the class and as the host, your class is FREE!! all other students pay the rates listed below.

Restrictions & Limitations May Apply. See Below For More Information.

Private Concealed Carry Classes Include
• Permit Application
• FREE Hand Delivery Of Your Application To BCI
• FREE Arizona Non-Resident Permit Application Packet
(Allows you to carry a concealed firearm in New Mexico)
FREE access to all information taught in the class

Additional Options
Only If Requested Prior To Class
• Passport Picture
Live Scan Fingerprints
• Copy of Drivers License/ID
If born outside the United States, students must bring proof of United States legal residency such as; Naturalization Number (Green Card), Born Abroad Birth Certificate (ex. born on a U.S. military base), valid U.S. Passport or INS/Alien Registration Number


Private classes must be scheduled at least two (2) weeks in advance to ensure all appropriate fees are paid, and any common issues are resolved prior to the class.

Class Host Is Responsible For:
1. Obtaining a location where the class will be held. See Location below.
2. Ensuring all students are at least 17 years old. (Minors MUST be accompanied by a parent or guardian)
3. Ensuring all students know they must meet the minimum requirements to obtain a Utah concealed firearm permit.
4. Ensuring all students have their non-expired drivers license or ID card and arrive at least 10 to 15 minutes prior to the start time of the class.

Students Do Not Need To Bring Or Have A Firearm For This Class


Hosts Location Requirements:
The Host is responsible for obtaining and paying for all costs associated with the location, if applicable, and the instructor may contact the location to ensure all requirements can be met without issues.

Any location used for a private class must have;
1. Enough space and seating for all students
2. Proper lighting
3. Access to a 46 inch (or larger) TV with HDMI input, space to put a laptop, and access to at least one electrical outlet
     Space to set up a table, projector, projector screen, and access to at least one electrical outlet
4. Additional Options require additional space
• Pictures - must have good lighting and a white wall or space to set up an 8' x 4' backdrop and access to at least one electrical outlet
• Fingerprints/Copy of Documents - must have space to set up a table away from the student's seating area and access to at least one electrical outlet

See Important Information Below

Instructors Location Requirements:
If needed, the Instructor may be able to provide a location for the class (based on availability) in Salt Lake City, which has seating for approximately 40 to 80 students and can include all additional options, if requested.
The Host is responsible for paying all costs associated with the location, if applicable.


Host Deposit:
All private concealed carry classes require a deposit of $50. This deposit is refundable after the class is completed.
If the instructor is providing the location, an additional $50 non-refundable fee is required.

Student Costs:
The costs below DO NOT include fees for the Additional Options.
Passport Picture, Live Scan Fingerprints, and Copy Of Drivers License/ID require an additional single fee of $10 per student.
Arizona Fingerprint Cards require an additional fee of $10 per student (2 cards)

We Require A Minimum Number Of Students For All Private Classes

Salt Lake County
Minimum of 10 students
$40 per student | $35 per person for 11 to 19 students | $30 per person for 20 students or more

Utah & Davis Counties
Minimum of 15 students
$40 per student | $35 per student for 16 to 24 students | $30 per student for 25 students or more

Tooele, Wasatch, Summit, Morgan & Weber Counties
Minimum of 20 students
$40 per student for 20 to 29 students | $40 per person 30 students or more

Box Elder, Cache & Juab Counties
Minimum of 25 students
$40 per student for 25 to 29 students | $35 per student for 30 to 34 students | $30 per student for 35 students or more

For Example:
A private class (class only) with 10 people in Midvale will cost each student $40.
If the class included Passport Picture, Live Scan Fingerprints, and Copy Of Drivers License/ID it would cost $50 per student.
If a student added Live Scan Fingerprints for the Arizona Non-Resident Permit it would cost $60 per student.

After The Class Is Scheduled:
The host will receive an email containing a link to make payments for the deposit and for students to pay using a credit/debit card unless other arrangements are made between the host and the instructor.


Refunds are issued the same way we received the payment.

Host Cancellation:
At Least Four (4) Days Prior To The Class:
The Host will receive a refund which will include the refundable deposit, but Does Not include the non-refundable deposit, if applicable.
Students will receive a refund of all paid fees.
Within Four (4) Days Prior To The Class:
The Host will NOT receive a refund of any deposit fees paid.
Students who paid online will receive a refund of all paid fees.
If the host had collected fees from students and paid online, the host will receive a refund of student fees and is then responsible for refunding each student.

Instructor Cancellation:
If an instructor cancels a class and there is not another instructor available to teach the class, a full refund will be provided, including refundable and non-refundable deposits.

Automatic Class Cancellation:
If all required fees are not paid by the host and/or the minimum number of students at least four (4) days prior to the class date, the class may be canceled by the instructor.
The Host will receive a refund which will include the refundable deposit, but Does Not include the non-refundable deposit, if applicable.
Students will receive a refund of all paid fees.

Important Information

If, when the Instructor arrives and there is not enough space available to provide:
• Additional options for students whether prepaid or not.
• Missing access to necessary utilities, including power.
• Any other services that were previously agreed upon.
This is not the Instructors fault or responsibility to fix.

If the Instructor cannot provide certain services, he/she may be able to make them available for the students at another time and place determined by the Instructor at no additional cost to the student. It will then be the student's responsibility to attend the offered time and location if they choose or obtain the services by other means.
To provide this for the students, the Hosts "refundable" deposit Will Not be refunded. The Hosts "non-refundable" deposit will also not be refunded, if applicable.
If a student decides to obtain the services by other means, the applicable portion of the student's fee will be refunded.
If a student agrees to attend the time and location given by the instructor to complete the services, and the student fails to show, the student Will Not receive any refund.