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Armed Private Security Officer License


An applicant for licensure as an armed private security officer must meet the minimum requirements.

  • Applicants must currently have a valid Utah unarmed private security officer license or recently completed an approved basic education and training program which consists of at least 8 hours and must obtain a score of at least 80% on the final examination.
  • Applicants must then complete an approved basic firearms training program which consists of at least 12 hours. This includes at least six hours of classroom firearms instruction and at least six hours of firearms range instruction using a recognized practical pistol course on which the applicant achieves a minimum score of 80% using regular and low-light conditions.

Applicants must complete all armed training in a classroom environment, in person. Armed training cannot be completed online.


All individuals who had a Utah armed private security officer license within the past 2 years (expired on 11/30/2022) cannot apply as a new applicant. The individual is required to complete ALL applicable continuing education and renew the license by paying the renewal fee and applicable late fee. See our continuing education information.

If you have had a VALID security license, for at least one year, as a security professional in a state, territory, or district of the United States you may qualify for licensure by endorsement to obtain a Utah security license without having to complete the required training. Select a link below for approved jurisdictions and additional information.

If you have any questions please contact us.

Total Training Length | 12 Hours

Classroom | 6 Hours

The training must include ALL of the following topics:

  • Firearm Safety On Duty, At Home & On The Range
  • The Firearm And Its Ammunition
  • Care And Cleaning Of The Firearm
  • The Prohibition Against Alterations Of The Firearm’s Firing Mechanism
  • Firearm Inspection Review Procedures
  • Explanation And Discussion Of Target Environment
  • Firearm Fundamentals & Marksmanship
  • Common Pistol Malfunctions & Clearing Techniques
  • Proper Draw From The Holster & Target Engagement
  • Cover And Concealment
  • Armed Patrol Techniques
  • Legal And Ethical Restraints On Firearms Use
  • Use Of Deadly Force

Shooting Range | 6 Hours

  • Firearm Qualification

An applicant for licensure as an armed private security officer achieves a minimum score of 80% using regular and low-light conditions on the approved live-fire qualification with the firearm they will carry while on duty.
As described in R156-63a-601. Operating Standards – Firearms. (1) An armed private security officer shall carry only that firearm with which the officer has passed an approved basic firearms training program.
This means an individual is ONLY authorized to carry the firearm they have passed the qualification course. If you want the option of carrying a different firearm you must qualify with every additional firearm.

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