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In great news, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (BATFE/ATF) now allows the electronic submission of applications through their website With our electronic fingerprinting system we are one of the few companies that can save the digital fingerprint record in an encrypted format called an EFT file which can be uploaded to the ATF eForms website and submitted with your ATF eForm 4.  After completion of your fingerprints, the file is emailed to you. The eForm process is supposed to reduce the wait time to receive the approved form and stamp tax back from the ATF from 9 months down to 90 days.

NOTE: The ATF eForm 1, Application to Make and Register a Firearm, does allow the upload of a passport picture, but it DOES NOT allow uploading the fingerprint EFT file at this time. Two fingerprint cards must be physically mailed to the ATF after the eForm 1 is submitted.

Important Information

  • If you DO NOT need assistance completing ATF forms and only need fingerprints and/or passport pictures, click here.
  • If we are completing the NFA transfer or you DO need help completing an ATF e-Form or ATF paper form, continue reading below.

NFA Complete Service Package


Fee includes the following for submitting forms on the ATF eforms website OR by mail

  • Two Fingerprint Cards OR One Fingerprint EFT File
  • Two Passport Pictures OR One Passport Picture File
  • Completion Of One ATF Form 1 OR Form 4
  • Completion Of One ATF Form 23 Responsible Person Questionnaire (if applicable)


  • $24.99* Each Additional ATF Form 1, 4, or 23
  • $15.00 Shipping Fee To Submit Paper Forms To ATF & CLEO With Tracking

*LE/Mil/Vet/EMS receive a $5.00 discount

Appointment Required

An appointment is required to assist in completing any ATF Form(s). We Do Not Accept Walk-Ins

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