General Gunsmith Services

General Services

  • Remove Stuck Bullet/Round/Case: $39.99
  • Remove Other Barrel Obstruction: $49.99/hr
  • Miscellaneous Assembly/Building: $49.99/hr

Diagnosis & Repair:

  • Labor: $49.99/hr (+ parts & ammunition)


  • Handgun: $24.99
  • Rifle/Shotgun: $44.99

Pistol Sight Installation:

  • Front Sight Installation: $19.99
  • Rear Sight Installation: $19.99
  • Front & Rear Sight Installation: $29.99

Optic Mounting:

  • Mounting Red Dot Sight: $19.99

Current Turnaround Time = 2 Days

Service costs are per firearm and do not include the cost of parts or ammunition. You can purchase and bring us your own compatible parts, or we can place the order for you which will cause a longer turnaround time. Red dot sights being mounted onto a pistol must already have a precut slide and do not include zeroing the sight(s). Turnaround time depends on the severity of the barrel obstruction or diagnosis of the issue.

We DO NOT service black powder guns, muzzleloaders, firearms built from 80% lowers, BB guns, pellet guns, paintball, airsoft, or optics.

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