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Entry Level / Basic Firearm Courses

Concealed Carry Class


Includes Everything You Need

• Utah Permit Application (does not include application fee)
• Fingerprints
• Passport Picture
• Copy Of Identification
FREE Hand Delivery Of Your Application To BCI
FREE Arizona Non-Resident Permit Application Packet (Allows you to carry a concealed firearm in New Mexico)
FREE Access To Everything Including PowerPoint Presentation & More!

Advanced Firearm Courses

Advanced Concealed Carry Course


A concealed carry class taught you the fundamentals of being a responsibly armed citizen. Advanced Concealed Carry will teach you the techniques you need to overcome attackers in the close quarters of real-life encounters.

• Safety, Cover Vs. Concealment, Emergency & Tactical Reloads, Mindset & Verbal Skills, Run-Hide-Fight, Holsters, Clothing & Gear Placement, How To Clear An Attacker From Your Personal Space, Effective Draw Techniques & Presentation To A Threat, Drawing From Concealment & Multiple Positions (standing, seated, etc.), Point Shooting vs. Precision Shooting, Effectively Stopping An Attacker, How Close Is Too Close, What Happens After A Defensive Shooting, Criminal & Civil Legal Protection, Practice.

Live-Fire Range:
• Shooting From Concealment, Moving/Turning & Shooting, Multiple Target Engagement, Close Contact Shooting Techniques, Alternate Shooting Positions, Single-Handed Shooting Techniques.

Handgun Malfunction Junction


Our Handgun Malfunction Junction teaches the skill to keep your handgun up and running in case there it has a malfunction due to the firearm or ammunition not working correctly.

• We cover the techniques you need to know to quickly identify the most common malfunctions that occur in handguns, what causes the malfunctions, and the proper clearing techniques. Then students practice the malfunction techniques.

Live-Fire Range:
• Student take the skills from the classroom and set up the malfunctions on the range to practice the techniques in a live fire environment.

Handgun Low Light No Light Course


Our Handgun Low Light / No Light Course is for individuals that understand attacks happen at anytime. Most criminals use the cover and advantage of low light or darkness to terrorize those who may seem defenseless.

• We cover the types and effects of illuminations and how it affects the human eye. Types of flashlights and common handheld techniques while shooting. Then students practice the handheld techniques.

Live-Fire Range:
• The range is split into two parts. The first part students shoot during daylight conditions. The second part students shoot during low light conditions. The range sessions are compared to see how shooting during darkness differs from daylight shooting.

Reality Based Training

Course Information Coming Soon

Security Officer Courses

Armed Security Officer Licensing Course


12 Hour Course

• 6 Hours Classroom Instruction
• Written Test
• 6 Hours Range Live Fire Qualification

Armed Security Officer Firearm Qualification


4 Hour Firearm Qualification

• Classroom instruction
• Range Live Fire Qualification

ASP Baton Training


This Training Is Sanctioned By ASP

• Participants Must Have A Valid Security License
• This Is A 2 Day – 16 Hour Course

OC Spray Training


Defense Technology

• Participants Must Have A Valid Security License
• This Is A 1 Day – 6 Hour Course

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