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We have redesigned and improved our website to make it easier for you to navigate, find the information you want, get the services you need, and attend training to make yourself better. We still provide Utah’s BEST concealed carry class and security officer licensing. If you want to make some extra money then join our affiliate program and get paid for referring our company. We are still making some minor adjustments but if there is anything we can do for you, please don’t hesitate to contact us so we can help.

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Fingerprinting | Picture | Notary Services

Fingerprint 200 X 199

We are Utah’s easiest, fastest, cheapest, and most efficient live scan fingerprinting company. We also provide mobile fingerprinting, passport pictures, and notary services.

Firearm Services

We offer multiple firearm services and we specialize in Glock pistols. If you own a Glock pistol, our certified Glock Armorer will exceed your expectations. We ensure your Glock is properly maintained and clean to keep it working as it should. We provide detailed cleaning, replacement of worn and broken parts, and install upgraded performance-enhancing parts to customize it the way you want.

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