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Due to the ongoing COVID-19 situation, safety is our first priority which includes the health of our instructors, students, and everyone they interact with.

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Serious Training For Serious Decisions

Less Than 5% Of Firearm Owners Attend Professional Defensive Firearm Training

Having a firearm in your home, vehicle or carrying one on a daily basis is a huge responsibility that requires practicing and mastering techniques for safe firearm handling, knowing all State and Federal laws, and in an unfortunate event, knowing how to effectively stop an attack. Previously, going to the shooting range was one of your only training options. Shooting at a paper target provides a great way to practice the fundamentals of shooting but it will not and cannot prepare you for the stress of what actually occurs in real life situations. Maybe your budget does not allow you to get to the range as often as you like, especially since ammunition and range fees can get expensive. Our affordable courses will enhance your skills and assist you to make the proper decisions you need to defend yourself or others in real life situations at home, work, during your daily activities and other various environments.

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Our courses are taught by knowledgeable instructors that have an extensive understanding and hands-on experience with the services we provide. While using lecture and presentation in addition to visual demonstrations, we take any extra time necessary to make sure all students questions get answered. Furthermore, we have created an entire network of the BEST websites for the state of Utah which includes Utah Carry Laws.com providing all Utah and Federal firearm laws, shooting ranges, gun shows, and much more. It's paired with our Facebook group Utah Carry Laws which is the ONLY place on any social media platform that can answer all Utah gun law questions. Join our Forums and get in on some great discussions. If you're looking to buy or sell a firearm or gear check out our classifieds site Utah Guns and Gear.com and place a listing today. As a result, there is no other company or instructor in the entire country that provides anything close to the amount of important information about our state, then we do and in fact there are a lot of instructors across Utah and the country that get information to put on their websites and use to teach in their training classes from our network of websites.

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