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Biometric Information Privacy Policy

We have developed the following Biometric Information Privacy Policy. The purpose of this Policy is to define the policies and procedures for the collection, use, safeguarding, storage, retention, protection, and destruction of biometric data in accordance with applicable standards, Utah and Federal laws.

Biometric Data Defined

As used in this Policy, “Biometric Data” means fingerprints, and “Biometric Information” means any demographic information also known as Personal Identifiable Information (PII), regardless of how it is captured, converted, stored, or shared, based on an individual’s biometric identifier used to identify an individual.

Personally Identifiable Information

Personally Identifiable Information or PII means all information that identifies or can be used to identify, locate, contact, or impersonate a particular individual. PII is contained in public and non-public records. Examples may include but are not limited to a specific individual’s: first name (or initial), middle name (or initial), and last name (current or former); geographical address; electronic address (including an e-mail address); personal cell phone number; telephone number or fax number dedicated to contacting the individual at his or her physical place of residence; social security number; biometric identifiers, including but not limited to, fingerprints, palm prints, facial recognition, full face image, and iris scans; driver identification number; birth date; and physical description. When connected with one or more of the items of information specified above, PII includes any other information concerning an individual that, if disclosed, identifies or can be used to identify a specific individual physically or electronically.

Disclosure and Authorization Procedures

Utah FAST will not disclose, redisclose, or disseminate any Biometric Data or PII to anyone other than the individual who provided the Biometric Data or PII, and to State or Federal agencies for the purpose of conducting a background check. PII may be released if;

  • We have obtained verbal or written consent from the individual to disclosure, redisclosure, or disseminate, and only after positive identification is made from the individual;
  • Disclosure is required by state or federal law or municipal ordinance;
  • Disclosure is required by a Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) audit; or
  • Disclosure is required pursuant to a valid warrant or subpoena issued by a court of competent jurisdiction.


Utah FAST securely retains Biometric Data and PII for the individual’s personal future use, also known as “Archiving” except as required by an order from a court of competent jurisdiction. Utah FAST shall retain the Biometric Data and PII unless the individual who provided the Biometric Data and PII requests the information be deleted in which case Utah FAST shall permanently destroy such data.

  • All Biometric Data and PII collected for Direct Submission to the Utah Bureau of Criminal Identification (BCI) to conduct a Utah Background Check shall be deleted 30 days after such submission unless Archived.
  • As required by Federal law all Biometric Data and PII collected for Direct Submission to the FBI to conduct a Background Check (Identity History Summary) shall be deleted 30 days after such submission unless Archived.

Data Storage

Utah FAST uses a very strict standard of care to store, transmit, and protect from disclosure any paper or electric Biometric Data and PII collected. Such storage, transmission, and protection from disclosure shall be performed in a manner that is the same as or more protective than the manner in which the Company stores, transmits, and protects from disclosure other confidential and sensitive information.
Any forms used to collect Biometric Data or PII is kept secure until it is destroyed within a reasonable amount of time or as required under Utah or Federal law.


Biometric Information Privacy Policy Update

Our Biometric Information Privacy Policy was last updated on January 1st, 2022

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