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Armed Security Officer Subscription Terms & Details

  1. Subscriptions are nonrefundable and have recurring payments once per year unless canceled under My Subscriptions.
  2. Armed private security officers who have an active and valid subscription are allowed to attend one (1) armed private security officer firearm qualification course within the appropriate six-month reporting periods. This means one course between December 1st to May 31st and one course between June 1st to November 30th. If a subscriber fails to attend a course during a reporting period the “unused” does not “roll over”.
  3. It is the subscriber’s responsibility to complete the required training. Utah FAST does not send reminders to attend training.
  4. Subscribers must register for the course they would like to attend. We will not allow walk-ins. Training dates may be limited so don’t wait, register early.


  1. If the subscriber has selected ammunition as part of their subscription, Utah FAST will provide one box of 50 rounds, factory-new Full Metal Jacket (FMJ), brass-cased ammunition in the selected caliber (9mm, .40 S&W, or .45 ACP) to the subscriber at the course. The brand/manufacturer of ammunition will vary based on current availability.
  2. Subscribers are responsible for ensuring they have the correct caliber of ammunition on their subscription. If the caliber needs to be changed the subscriber must update their subscription to the proper caliber before the registered training course. Utah FAST is not responsible if the subscriber cannot complete the firearm qualification on the registered date due to having the wrong caliber of ammunition currently shown on the subscription.
  3. Due to the fluctuating costs of ammunition, subscription costs may be increased or decreased at the discretion of Utah FAST. However, the subscriber’s current subscription price is locked in for the entire subscription period. If the cost of ammunition increases the subscriber’s cost will not change. If a change in pricing will affect the cost of a renewal the subscriber will be notified as soon as possible to have the option to continue or cancel the subscription.
  4. Utah FAST is not liable for any damage or injury caused by the ammunition we provide.
  • Subscriptions Do NOT Include:
    1. If a subscriber fails to have ALL required equipment or for any other reason cannot complete the training.
    2. If a subscriber fails to qualify with the required minimum score of 80%.
    3. Additional ammunition, except for a legitimate “alibi” due to ammunition that caused a failure to fire malfunction.
    4. If a subscriber chooses to qualify with an additional firearm or caliber.

Updated January 1st, 2024

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