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General Firearm Services

We DO NOT service black powder guns, muzzleloaders, firearms built from 80% lower receivers, BB guns, pellet guns, paintball, airsoft, or optics.
We DO NOT have the machinery to cut or mill barrels or handgun slides, bluing, welding, etc.

Current Turnaround Time = 2 Days

This is a minimum time frame and applies to all services below. The total length of time for completion depends on the severity of the barrel obstruction, the diagnosis of the issue, etc.

  • Costs are per firearm and do not include the cost of parts or ammunition, if applicable.
  • You can purchase and bring us your own compatible parts, or we can order them for you which will cause a longer turnaround time.
  • Red dot sights being mounted onto a pistol must already have a precut slide and do not include zeroing the sight.

General Services

  • Handgun Trigger Service: $29.99
    We can replace the trigger in your Sig Sauer P Series, CZ, FNH, Glock, Smith & Wesson, and Walther handguns.
    Parts Required:
    – Handgun
    – Trigger parts
  • Remove Stuck Bullet/Round/Case: $39.99
  • Remove Other Barrel Obstruction: $49.99/hr
  • Miscellaneous Assembly/Building: $49.99/hr


Diagnosis & Repair:

  • Labor: $49.99/hr (+ parts & ammunition)

Pistol Sight Installation:

  • Front Sight Installation: $19.99
  • Rear Sight Installation: $19.99
  • Front & Rear Sight Installation: $29.99

Optic Mounting:

  • Mounting Red Dot Sight: $19.99


  • Handgun: $34.99
  • Rifle/Shotgun: $49.99

Some Of Our Recent Work

Squib Load - Sig Sauer P320 9mm

On October 29th, 2022 during an armed private security officer firearm qualification a security officer was shooting and identified what he thought was a squib load. He stated that when he pressed the trigger it didn’t sound right. After unloading the firearm, disassembling the slide from the frame, removing the recoil spring and barrel we found that it was in fact a squib load.
Great job for this officer paying attention while shooting and identifying a problem before attempting to shoot again which would have resulted in severe damage to the firearm and serious injuries to himself and possibly others around him.

A “Squib Load” is when a round has less than normal pressure when fired and causes the bullet to become lodged in the barrel. If anything unusual is noticed while shooting such as a popping sound with reduced or no recoil, and/or a puff of smoke, a squib load should be suspected.
You should stop firing immediately! and unload the firearm. With the action open, run a cleaning rod through the barrel to see if the barrel is obstructed. If a bullet is lodged in the barrel, the firing of another round could cause extreme damage to the firearm and serious injury to you and others around you.

Boresnake Stuck In Barrel - Savage 300 Winchester Mag

An individual contacted us stating that while using a boresnake to clean the barrel of a rifle it had become lodged and could not be pulled out. This would have been an easy fix, but the individual decided to cut off the boresnake. We also found that the individual had attached a cleaning patch to the boresnake.
After multiple failed attempts to get the boresnake out we were able to get a tiny bit of it out the muzzle of the barrel and luckily able to pull the boresnake free of the barrel.

Lesson Learned:

  1. If you get something stuck in your barrel, never attempt to get it out yourself or cut anything off. Take it to a professional so no damage is done to the firearm.
  2. Use cleaning items as they are intended to be used. Never use a cleaning patch on a bore snake. It doesn’t need it.
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