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Defense Technology
OC Spray Certification

Defense Technology® brings real-world experience and expertise to every training course. Thousands of law enforcement, military, and security personnel have elevated their skills and knowledge and this program is designed to sharpen the professional’s physical and strategic skills, bringing real-life scenarios and tools to every training course to provide the skills and confidence to counter real-life situations. You will gain detailed information on the use of all types and forms of Oleoresin Capsicum aerosol projectors. This course covers all aspects involved in the selection, preparation, deployment, storage, use of force, and legal ramifications regarding the use of all OC products. You will also acquire specific information in Defense Technology® OC products, including all formulations, blends, and spray patterns.

Upon the successful completion of the Defense Technology® OC Aerosol course, you will receive a certificate that is valid for three years.


Participants must have a valid Utah Armed or Unarmed Private Security Officer License.

Course Requirements:

A Minimum Of 6 Students Is Required
This Is Physically Demanding Training

Regular exercise is recommended in preparation, with a focus on:

  • Wrist, elbow, and shoulder limbering and strengthening
  • Aerobics conditioning (fast walking, jogging, running, swimming, and bicycling)

Liability Release
A Release from Liability must be signed by each participant prior to the training program.

Participants Must Successfully Pass:

  • A written examination – This program is competency-based. Students must attend the training and pass a written test.
    Mere participation does not automatically assure successful completion.
  • A physical performance test – Defense Technology® highly recommends that any officer designated to carry an OC projector be given a level 1 contamination during their initial training. ALL students will be required to receive a direct OC application to the facial area, specifically the eye in order to receive a certification. If you have any medical concerns, you should consult a physician prior to attending this course and exposure drills.

OC Spray Certification

  • Upon the successful completion of the Defense Technology® OC Aerosol course, you will receive a certificate that is valid for three years.

Clothing Requirements:

  • Pants suitable for training (e.g., uniform/tactical) with belt
  • Shoes/boots that have good lateral and linear support (not running shoes)
  • Clothing may become stained

Equipment Requirements:

Only Defense Technology® Products Are Allowed In This Course
No functional firearms, knives or other weapons, ammunition, or OC spray are allowed in the classroom or training area

Optional / Recommended Items:

  • Pen and paper to take notes in the classroom



Company/Agency rates are available for 6 or more participants
This course must have a minimum of 6 participants and for safety a maximum of 10.
Registration is required at least 3 weeks prior to the course date.

Contact Us to let us know you are interested. When the minimum number of participants has been met we will contact you to purchase this course.


6 Hours

Times are provided on the specific course, with a total program length of 6 hours, unless otherwise noted. Breaks will be provided throughout the day. This is a physically demanding course, so participants are encouraged to bring what they need to stay hydrated.


  • Course Introduction
  • Learn about Oleoresin Capsicum
  • Delivery systems
  • Examine the effects of OC
  • Psychological Effects
  • Review OC tactical deployment considerations
  • Decontamination
  • Safety & First Aid
  • Examine policy and procedure recommendations
  • Cover personal and area decontamination protocols
  • Examine Legal Issus
  • Review agency policy and procedures
  • Test Review
  • Written Test
  • Direct OC application, each participant

Safety Warning:

  • Students will be exposed to defensive spray devices that result in temporary pain, difficulty breathing, and possible severe discomfort as a result of the dynamic nature of the training. Allergic reactions are rare but may occur.
  • No jewelry will be worn during training including watches, necklaces, rings, etc.
  • DO NOT wear any type of makeup or cosmetics (foundation, lipstick, eyeliner, etc.)
  • Anyone who has undergone eye surgery in the past 12 months should delay participation in this course for at least one year or seek approval from their physician.

See our Safety & Risk Of Injury Policies for more information.

Courses Are Only Scheduled When The Minimum Participant Requirements Have Been Met

Security Licensing / DOPL

Certification in this training program does not automatically authorize an individual to carry or use batons. It is the responsibility of the individual student to obtain permission from their agency or company to carry any less-lethal device and follow all laws.
The information contained within this training program may only be used by security officers while in the performance of official duties. Any unauthorized, illegal, or unethical use of the information in this training program is prohibited.
Although every effort has been made for this training course, manual, and related materials to be complete and accurate, it is impossible to predict, discuss or plan for every circumstance or situation which might arise in the course of training, or when encountering a resistive or aggressive individual. Each trainee assumes the risk of loss, injury, and damages associated with this training and the use of the information obtained through this program.
Therefore, the trainee must always take into consideration the trainee’s experience, physical abilities, professional responsibilities, agency procedures, legal requirements and the recommendations and techniques contained in this training course, manual, and related materials, before deciding which techniques should be used and under what circumstances.

Currently there is no state certificate or permit required for a security officer to carry a baton or handcuffs in Utah. However, most contract security companies as well as their clients have policies which require a security officer to obtain proper training and certification in the use of all less lethal devices and restraints such as Baton, Taser, OC Spray and Handcuffs before they can be carried or used by a security officer.
If a licensed security officer abuses and/or fails to use these items correctly, the Division of Occupational and Professional Licensing (DOPL) could file criminal charges against the security officer and revoke his/her license. You may also be terminated by your employer and open yourself, your employer and client to Civil lawsuits. You must be aware of the following:

58-1-501 Unlawful Conduct
(2)(i) Practicing or attempting to practice an occupation or profession regulated under this title beyond the scope of the licensee’s competency, abilities, or education”.

58-1-502 Unlawful Conduct – Penalty
(1) Unless otherwise specified in this title, a person who violates the unlawful conduct provisions defined in this title is guilty of a class A misdemeanor.

R156-63a-502 Unprofessional Conduct
(7) being incompetent or negligent as an unarmed, an armed private security officer or by a contract security company that results in injury to a person or that creates an unreasonable risk that a person may be harmed;
(8) failing as a contract security company or its officers, directors, partners, proprietors or responsible management personnel to adequately supervise employees to the extent that the public health and safety are at risk.

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